Call for voting online/via text

Two fifths of Britons who didn’t vote in The General Election would if they could vote online / via text. A new survey by a money-saving website in the UK has revealed the top reasons why Britons chose not to vote in the general election, including not fully supporting any party up for election, not […]


Social media and slang are making kids mature too fast, according to 9 in 10 parents. In a recent survey, they expressed shock over the rate at which their children, aged between 6 and 16, are growing up – with 78% alarmed by some of the things their kids say, while 57% dread what they’re […]

Palace Cygnet Naming Competition Results Announced!

The highly-anticipated draw of the entries vying to name the Palace Cygnets took place at The Bishop’s Palace on the afternoon of 23rd May. The Palace received over one hundred entries from all across the area, and even from as far afield as Australia! Entries ranged from touching tributes to recently passed loved ones, to […]

What does it mean to be British?

With a snap general election around the corner and Brexit on the horizon, do we really know? 5,000 FREE British history timeline books to help find the answer For a seafaring nation, it hasn’t always been plain sailing for the British Isles.  With a general election looming and some tough talks ahead in Europe, you […]