Five Energy-Boosting Tips for Parents


As parents we often have to call upon energy that we don’t have – trying to look after our families, household chores and even a full time job. And day-to-day tasks can become quite tiresome not to mention physically and mentally draining.

While raising a family can be fun, it can also be energy sapping. In fact, there is now even a term that has been coined for this sort of tiredness.

Is it time to put a spring in your step?

As the daffodils start blooming, is it time to put a spring in your step and make some changes?  You didn’t (did you?) stick to your New Year’s Resolutions and now perhaps is the time to have a look at longer term goals rather than one month wonders.  So why not make Spring the time you take the steps you need to change your life in the long run.

We’ve all been there and sometimes it’s difficult to know where to make that cha...

Separation and Children’s Education

Hazel Wright, Family law partner and mediator,  Hunters  

The start of the new calendar year means that for many children, it is time to prepare for the “move to big school” next Autumn. For schools in the state sector, places will have already been allocated. For those in the private sector, exams will have taken place and the lucky pupils will have been off...

Ensure your child’s manners are on point this Christmas


Every parent has experienced their child having a meltdown in a public place. Whether it’s a toddler tantrum in the supermarket or an argument over their pleases and thank yous, it can be a highly embarrassing situation.

The Christmas period in particular is a time when children’s manners are really put to the test. Often they’re expected to sit quietly in church, wait patiently for lunch to be served to everyone before starting and saying thank you when they receive a gift – even ones they don’t like. Thus, for many parents, Christmas can be a period of anxiety when they perceive their ability as a parent is put to the test in front of friends and family – outside the comfort of their own home.

New research from childcare agency, Tinies (

Family fun on a budget

Planning a family day out to a local tourist attraction or theme park can leave you with very empty pockets. Money saving mum of two, Kayleigh Hughes who blogs for, has put together her top tips for planning a family day out on a budget. From scouring newspapers and cereal boxes for cheaper tickets to taking your own food and drink, Kayleigh has come up with a list of hints and tips to keep everyone happy.

Also included are ideas on how to keep the little ones entertained for next to nothing during the school summer holidays. Kayleigh said: “We all love a nice day out as a family, but very often this can lead to empty pockets at the end of the day. From entrance fees to food and drink to rides and entertainment, it all adds up and places certainly tak...

How to Stop Favouritism…


“You love Jake more” or “You’re always paying attention to her instead of me!” As a parent it’s not uncommon to hear these words from your children. I felt the same way for most of my life as well. As I was growing up, I remember I felt that my mother always favoured my...

self esteem

Your child’s self-esteem – are you getting the balance right?

It can be quite challenging to build a child’s self-esteem without overdoing it. There is a balance between too much praise and not enough.

With too little a child’s self-esteem can suffer, but with too much children can develop a distorted sense of entitlement and their own abilities.

So what is healthy self-esteem?

Professor Matt Sanders, founder of the Triple P Positive Parenting Program explains:

Self-esteem is the term psychologists use to describe how a person feels about their innate worth as an individual, their skills and attributes, and how they interact with the world.

Under a daily bombardment of “winning is everything” advertising messages, it can be particularly hard for kids to learn to deal with disappointment,...

Are you facing isolation at the school gate?

By Juliet Turnbull

Feeling ignored, shut out or blanked by others at the school gate is one of the biggest complaints amongst mothers. Recent headlines have been littered with stories about judgement, the self-appointed ‘Queen Bee’ phenomenon and reports that almost half of first time mothers admit to dreading the daily school run because of cliques of other parents loitering at the school gates.

But how much of this fear and dread is really justified? Why do we feel this way? Is it all in our heads and how can we move forward in a positive way?

The environment at the school gates is rarely black and white; you will find a colourful mix of people from first time mothers and not-so-new ones, to mothers who have older children in different years, fathers,...

The Benefits of Music for Autistic Children

A look into how regular exposure to music can be used to help children with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder)

 By Caroline Crabbe, General Manager at Jo Jingles (

Music is a powerful source of communication because it has the ability to reach anyone and everyone. Quite like nothing else, exposure to music on a regular basis allows people of any age, gender, with or without learning difficulty, deafness, blindness or other disability, to experience its effects in some way. Even though music is usually associated with being something you listen to with your ears, there are a series of pitches that can also be felt by touch, such as the vibrations caused when a drum ...