Cheeky children putting Santa on the spot this Christmas

If Santa happens to come face to face with a child this Christmas he should be prepared for some strange and rather direct lines of questioning.

In a ResearchBods survey conducted by the NSPCC for its Letter from Santa campaign, 2,000 children aged 6 to 11 were asked a series of questions about the man with a long white beard and a red coat.

When answering ‘If Santa could do one thing to make life better for children what would it be?’ more than a quarter said they would ask him to make sure every child had a gift to open this Christmas.

Ensuring all children had enough to eat polled 8%, Santa using his special powers so that all young people could go to school received 7% while a further 6% said they wished he could make sure everyone was healthy.

However, not all the responses to in the survey were coated in Christmas spirit, especially when children were offered the chance to pose Santa one question.

The top ten we have picked out may shock and/or surprise the great man and also cause some red faces for the inquisitor’s parents:

  1. What do reindeer really like to eat? Carrots are boring. 6-8 year old boy South East
  2. Where can I get an application to become an elf? 9-11 year old girl North East
  3. Who gets you a present as you give them out and you deserve lots?  ? 9-11 year old girl North
  4. Why are you so fat? 9-11 year old girl Northern Ireland
  5. Do you get fed up with your job? 9-11 year old boy South West
  6. How long is your beard going to get? 9-11 year old boy Wales
  7. Do you know how to do loop-the-loops in your sleigh? 9 -11 year old boy North West
  8. Can I have a Bugatti? 6-8 year boy North West
  9. Can you hear the things we say in our heads? 9-11 year old girl West Midlands
  10. How come you don’t die? You’re really old. 9-11 year old boy West Midlands

The NSPCC ‘Letter from Santa’ campaign offers parents, carers or friends the chance to bring the magic into the lives of their loved ones for a donation of £5.

This will help the NSPCC safeguard children from abuse and neglect this festive season and throughout the rest of the year.